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    PayPal setup

    • 1

      Copy this link in to browser to open PayPal developer page and log in to dashboard -

    • 2

      To log in use your PayPal business, if you still don't have PayPal business, you could create it here -

    • 3

      When loged in to developer account choose from the menu bar "my apps & credentials" -> create app

    • 4

      Enter your app name (name is not defined anywhere) and press "create app"

    • 5

      After the app was created you have to switch from "sandbox" to "live"

    • 6

      When you switched to "Live" you have to copy "Client ID" and paste it in to the stats4sport manager accounting settings, picture below

    • 7

      Log in to stats4sport manager then choose "Settings" from the Menu bar on the left and press on "Accounting"

    • 8

      Enable PayPal integration

    • 9

      Now is very important to copy "Client ID" from point 6 to the stats4sport manager as shown in the picture below and click save

    • 10

      Second step is to press on "show" link to open the PayPal "secret key"

    • 11

      Now the "secret key" apeared, follow the next picture

    • 12

      Copy the "secret key" to the stats4sport manager and click save

    • 13

      Third step is to add "webhook to the stats4sport manager. At the same window in PayPal developer account click on the "webhook" button

    • 14

      Now you have to enter the correct adress to the field is shown in the picture and here as well - - to create "webhook"

    • 15

      After you paste the adress also mark the "All events" field and click save at the bottom of the page

    • 16

      Your "webhook ID" is ready to paste in to the stats4sport manager

    • 17

      The final step is to copy "webhook ID" and paste it in to manager, after you paste it don't forget to click save button

    • 18

      Well Done ! now your account is ready, PayPal transactions prepared to use.

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